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Radev Industries is a original equipment Manufacturer apart from that we do all sort of job work (with or without raw material . from various industries like Automotive, Electrical & Electronic Domestic Appliance 



Type of The Firm                   :         Small Scale Industry

Year Of Establishments     :         Mid 2002

Yearly Turnover                     :        Over 12 million

No of Employees                   :         28

Infrastructure                         :         Factory 3500 Sft Build Up, Warehousing 1000 Sft

Address                                       :         No. 52, 11th Link Street, Nehru Nagar, Kottivakkam, OMR,

                                                                    (Near Sun direct office) Chennai- 600041                                                                      

 Equipment                               :         40 Feet 2way 12 Station Conveyor, Wiring harness, Drilling, Punching, Voltage Controller & Tester,    

                                                                   Soldering Station, Temperature tester, High Voltage Tester, Strapping (Packing) Machine.   

 Services                                   :           All kinds of Electrical, Electronic & small Mechanical Component Assembling, Online & Offline Testing,

                                                                   Conveyor suitable for Packaging job also

Products                                  :            Domestic appliances like Mixer Grinder, Induction Cooker, Roti  Maker, Voltage Stabilizer, Fans & Cooler Automobile Head   

                                                                    lamp Assembly, Wiring Assembly, Electrical Switches Assembly,   Complete Packing Jobs (Product or Component). 

 Certificates                            :            UKAS, QEC, ISO 9001:2008

 Clients                                      :            Butterfly, Guardian, Ultron, Spark, Brissk etc..,

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